Hello Helmut!

It’s really a rare opportunity to have a chance meeting with those ‘big’ scientists, especially those who work in the field of astrophysics. And, yesterday I got one. Thanks to Kitling!

It was really uncertain for me whether to come when the first time Kitling told me about this thing, ’cause I don’t know the professors, don’t know what I came to, but for the reason I said at the head of this blog, I choose to come anyway. I just want know how maybe I will become one day, if I’m lucky enough…

Due to the morning peak of the traffic, I almost got late. It was at that time Kitling told me something about this Helmut: he was ones, the teacher of Carl Sagan! And another professor, John, is a student of Kuiper. The ‘Kuiper belt’, Kuiper! And the third professor, Michael is come from New Zealand.

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UMS data processor

It’s a program I written last semester for the experiment of ‘γ Spectrum with NaI(Tl) Crystal‘.

The lab’s computer using a dos program process and visualize the data, but it cannot work with win XP or later version due to the pure dos environment which they do not support. And, the data of the machine was stored in binary, so it’s pretty inconvenient to do the data analyze, especially when there’s more than a dozen of the files. So, I decided to program a tool to simplify the way to do it. And here it is: UMS data processor.

UMS data processor

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Hello world!

void main()
printf(“Hello world!\n”);

This blog was born at this very moment!

At last I’ve got a domain and set up this wordpress to build up a whole new blog. Big thanks to Indarkness for a lot of stuff.

I may now consider writing something about daily life 😀