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  1. Congratulations on building a LTE module for the Pocket 3. Your work looks great. Would you be interested in building and selling one to me? I live in the USA/Tmobile. I'll follow this thread and wait for your response.

    1. I would be happy to try, after the design is finalized and fully tested. Currently the PCB still needs to be tweaked a little bit, and initial testing reveals the module can't be connected after sleep. more work needs to be done

      1. Thank you for your quick reply. I have the Pocket 3 N6000 and resume-after-suspend has never worked--it's just a black screen and you have to force a reboot.

        Instead, I use a shutdown-after-idle script, which calls a secondary script to close open apps before shutdown.

        So if you were successful with PCB work, it might be ready for distribution.

        Again, my congratulations; your work is fantastic.

        1. Uh, oh. I just remembered--this is a Windows-only module. I was referring to Linux. Which problems did you find in Linux? Module issues?

          1. Yes, current module is for windows only, but there also core module which supports Linux, as it's more expensive and Linux user is not that many, I haven't tested it yet. Btw which Linux release do you use? Ubuntu?

  2. Hi, San. With the Pocket 3, I use manjaro and people in the P3 Discord forum have finally got sound working for the N6000 in linux. But I think the 5.18.* kernel will bring the N6000 sound module into the tree, so that could make more linux users.

    I haven't compiled the sound module for Ubuntu but it's dkms so it should work.

    As for the window vs linux core module, what's the difference in cost? If you wanted to sell the completed module, do you have an idea of its total cost? I could tell P3 usersin reddit and discord.

    1. Lol, haven't noticed there's community on Reddit and discord.

      Price is not yet been decided as the module is still a work in progress. But I can assure you I don't want to make a fortune on this, the price will be reasonable.

      1. Absolutely, there's a community in both places, especially linux. In fact, I would think that most people in both sections would want a linux module. Would your more expesive linux module also work in Win*?

        1. ha, the core of my module for p3 is quectel's ec20 module. after i checked this morning, i found i might support linux (but maybe only the high-end version of that module), but there're several version of linux driver(GobiNet, QMI etc) and i don't know the difference. i would certainly hope the module supports all the os and all the operators.

          and also, ec20 is made for china/india operators, but there's a ec25 module support north-american's operators which should be easily swapable. still need to verify those info with quectel.

          1. This sounds very promising. Can I assume that the LTE is unlocked, able to use any carrier/band?

          2. It's certainly unlocked. But the carrier band is different from country to country. And the module should have the right carrier profiles. Those two should be checked.

    1. the module is not ready for sale as it's not quite stable and i don't have a better solution to mount the pogo pins.

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