Tiny USB input device

This is a idea/plan that I want to do.

Idea comes from the computer I’m using. My old computer (HP TX1106au) has a physical mute button and you just push it and it worked. But my new computer (ASUS U36sd), will, if I want mute, I need to put Fn key and F9 which means mute, but it only works when all the system is boot up because it depends on the software to function which I don’t like.

As I know, as a HID input device, mute has a designated key value Dec 127/Hex 7F (you can find it at: http://www.usb.org/developers/devclass_docs/Hut1_11.pdf on page 56). And this blog (http://hunt.net.nz/users/darran/) give me the idea to build a usb input device though I may not use arduino in the final model. What I may use is V-USB (http://www.obdev.at/products/vusb/index.html), and the chip maybe ATMEL attiny85, the ideal size is about a Logitech Unifying Receiver.

Got Google Apps

Google is a really good and useful company! I registered Google Apps just for fun. And now I have the email address ended with @zhujunsan.net without setting up a mail server.

But one thing disturbed me is the GFW… It start dropping packages when someone access the Gmail server. Not to mention that all the IP addresses of ghs.google.com are unavailable in the China main land. So sad…

So how can I access mail.zhujunsan.net with out using ghs.google.com?

Do the nginx rewrite.

Here’s the conf file:

server {
listen 80;
server_name mail.yourdomain;
rewrite ^(.*) https://mail.google.com/a/yourdomain permanent;

Include it into the nginx main conf file and reload the nginx. And it should work.

Google Docs and other services are very the same. Hope it’s helpful.

How to ROOT your HTC Desire Z/G2

WARNING!!! THIS COULD PERMENANTLY BRICK YOUR PHONE!!! Please fully understand that this may cause some unwanted problem. Make sure you can take the risk. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

(This method may only works on Kernel Version: This information can be found in Settings->About phone->Software information)

First of all, let’s prepare the tools:
1. Terminal Emulator
2. VISIONary +_r14 (or Download it Here)
3. gfree(under GPL v3)
Install 1 and 2, then copy the gfree file to your tf card root.

Step 1:
Open VISIONary, set the checkbox like this:

and then click ‘Temproot now’, and wait.

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Got a new phone

Got a new phone! Its name is HTC Vision/Desire Z or G2. The hardware is pretty nice and the outlook is cool! And the best part is, it’s Android, which means it’s a Linux. What a nice OS!

Now I’ve rooted it and also overclocked it a little bit. Maybe I’ll write a instraction sometimes later.

Pictures coming up later.

Sending from San’s Vision.

Modification of my laptop’s cooling system

After more than 3 years hard-working, my laptop’s CPU and GPU temperature became higher and higher. So I finally make up my mind to tear it down to pieces to do a tougher cleaning. And more, I find that there’s a little gap between the GPU and the thermal-pipe, stuffed with very unpleasant silica gel, which is the reason why my GPU’s temperature never been lower than 80℃, which is unsafe and harmful to the GPU and other hardware close-by. To replace that, I brought a little piece of copper which thickness is 1.2mm to fit into that gap. And it turns out that the copper is a little too thick for the gap, but after the test I think it still do the work so maybe some time later I’ll buy a thinner one to replace it. Here’s the photo I took.

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A funny hello world

Found a qute hello world program, the code is:

#define _________ }
#define ________ putchar
#define _______ main
#define _(a) ________(a);
#define ______ _______(){
#define __ ______ _(0x48)_(0x65)_(0x6C)_(0x6C)
#define ___ _(0x6F)_(0x20)_(0x77)_(0x6F)_(0x72)
#define ____ _(0x6C)_(0x64)_(0x21)_(0x0A)
#define _____ __ ___ ____ _________

Though it is hard to read, it’s not so hard to understand. And it is kind of fun. 🙂