Enable Mavic Pro with FCC Standard Single Strength

Do this at your own risk. And check and follow the local regulations.


Here’s the procedure for Maivc Pro:

  1. if your firmware version is greater than 1.04.0300, please downgrade to this version (You can use offical DJI Assistant 2 or DUMLdore to do this)
  2. plugin the USB cable and power on the drone (please confirm the driver for the drone has been installed. you can find the driver with DJI Assistant 2, with which the driver will be install along with the software itself)
  3. open DUMLdore, click Enable ADB
  4. in jkson_fcc_mod folder, run install_mod.bat, and follow the instructions (please read the README file in the repo for more detailed explanation of each option)
  5. after modification done, power cycle the drone
  6. Now you are good to go!
  7. expect the firmware is not the latest version, so you’ll be warned every time. this can be fixed
  8. open DUMLdore again, click Load Firmware and load the moded upgrade firmware, which will upgrade firmware from 01.04.0300 to 01.04.0500
  9. click Flash Firmware, and wait till finish
  10. You are all good to go!

As of today (2022-05-11), the latest firmware version is still 01.04.0500 and 1st gen Mavic Pro probably won’t receive any further updates.

Do this at your own risk. And check and follow the local regulations.

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