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Google is a really good and useful company! I registered Google Apps just for fun. And now I have the email address ended with without setting up a mail server.

But one thing disturbed me is the GFW… It start dropping packages when someone access the Gmail server. Not to mention that all the IP addresses of are unavailable in the China main land. So sad…

So how can I access with out using

Do the nginx rewrite.

Here’s the conf file:

server {
listen 80;
server_name mail.yourdomain;
rewrite ^(.*) permanent;

Include it into the nginx main conf file and reload the nginx. And it should work.

Google Docs and other services are very the same. Hope it’s helpful.

4 thoughts on “Got Google Apps”

  1. 这个..这个只是吧网址改写了啊…


    1. 嗯那种也只是把ghs.zhujunsan.net指向的可用IP而已,但是可用IP现在已经没有了,全被墙了

      1. 只是指一下么?我看说是“反向代理”,应该是数据都从VPN走吧,那样的话应该会没事才对。。


        1. 哦@@大概是用nginx搞个代理然后直接走它的通道。嗯不高兴搭,不过不是很麻烦

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