Hello Helmut!

It’s really a rare opportunity to have a chance meeting with those ‘big’ scientists, especially those who work in the field of astrophysics. And, yesterday I got one. Thanks to Kitling!

It was really uncertain for me whether to come when the first time Kitling told me about this thing, ’cause I don’t know the professors, don’t know what I came to, but for the reason I said at the head of this blog, I choose to come anyway. I just want know how maybe I will become one day, if I’m lucky enough…

Due to the morning peak of the traffic, I almost got late. It was at that time Kitling told me something about this Helmut: he was ones, the teacher of Carl Sagan! And another professor, John, is a student of Kuiper. The ‘Kuiper belt’, Kuiper! And the third professor, Michael is come from New Zealand.

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