Enable Mavic Pro with FCC Standard Single Strength

Do this at your own risk. And check and follow the local regulations.


Here’s the procedure for Maivc Pro:

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Install web failsafe u-boot for WR703N


What is u-boot?

U-boot is a universal boot loader which starts when you plug in the power cable. It runs itself to check the board and make some initial configuration. After feeling everything’s right, it loads the main OS and start the system. More information can be found at: http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/techref/bootloader/uboot

Which u-boot to install?

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Moving Caption

I was playing Diablo 3 these days and I found it’s hard to read the name of the objects on the ground ’cause they are moving as I moving, so I wrote this small program to test my idea. (BTW, Diablo 3 sucks, not that big different from Diablo 2 and I’m wondering what is Blizzard doing in so many years…)


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DIY shutter release

This is a idea/plan that I want to do.

Lately I brought a Canon 60D, and it’s cable shutter release is using 2.5mm audio jack which is a quite common and cheap so I decide to make one or more cable shutter release/s.

From the tip to the cable, there’s three contact point. Normally there are Left | Right | GND, as using on the 60D, they defined as Shutter | Focus | GND.

Things to do:

1. Build a manual shutter release;

2. Using Arduino as a controller so time-lapse photography will be much easier.Done

So far for now, I’ll update when I make something new.

Update: After installed the MagicLantern firmware to my 60D, it got the intervalmeter function, so it no longer need a outer controller to do the clicking.

Warcraft III Resolution Changer

This is a simple little program that make the Blizzard Warcraft III to fit your current screen resolution. Will you can do this by using the regedit yourself to modify the key: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Warcraft III\Video\” but this tool is much easier.

The program is in Chinese and I don’t want to change it but you can still pretty easy to use it since you only need to push one button(with the [确定更改] sign) once. If you really wanna use other language, please download the source code here: https://github.com/zhujunsan/Warcraft-III-Resolution-Changer

The program itself is at HERE.

DIY External Power Pack

That’s the thing I made. I’ll edit this post with more detailed information later.

MeterialCountin CNYin USD(6.4:1)Comment
Box100from a box of Hershey’s
Glue stick30.90.14
protective circuit for battery13.80.59
Solar pannel16.81.064.5v/78mA
Schottky diode10.50.08ID 5819
booster circuit181.25pre-made, output 5V/500mA
USB mini port10.280.04
self-lock button10.330.057*7mm
Battery Charger IC191.41MAX1555
bread board140.63
Total price53.948.43
DIY External Power Pack_cost accounting